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                        首頁 > 關于我們 > 公司介紹




                            2012年水焦點品牌與中國綠化基金會成為長期戰略合作伙伴。合力開展“綠動中國 絕對挑戰——水焦點原液中國行”大型公益系列活動,開啟 “綠色時尚之夜 慈善明星音樂節”全國巡回義演,影視明星李晟、張睿、王強、李鑫雨等先后參與水焦點慈善盛典及愛心捐贈活動并擔任水焦點品牌愛心形象大使。此外,水焦點還在全國范圍捐贈“綠化圖書室”近40家。林俊杰、韓庚、孫楠、吳佩慈、沙寶亮等巨星也都積極響應水焦點“綠色”活動。

                            2013年,榮獲中國化妝品類十佳品牌,同年水焦點召開“北京2013 王者天下”新聞發布會,影視明星李鑫雨以及水焦點巡演明星代表劉尊、閆旭、石梅等參加發布會,群星匯聚共譜慈善樂章。水焦點開啟了化妝品原液新紀元,重振原液風潮。

                            “自信、年輕、和諧之美”,致力于打造更高端、更優質、更超值的產品和服務,推崇的是一種理念、一種生活方式,傳播的是一種精神,奉獻的是一種愛。 這就是 —— 水焦點!

                        English Introduction
                        Guangzhou Water Focus Biological Technology Company, it has a international elite team with professional research and development、production、sales、innovation, to create first-class skincare brand market.
                        Water Focus is a stock is the first comprehensive skincare brand, its use of water and the effects of the physical human body each other and the natural reaction for principle, combined with the power of the skin is the result of water features, designed for oriental female charm like tailor-made the safest skincare products.
                        Enterprise spirit of "for ordinary injection excellence" service concept, is committed to create safer, more efficient, healthier products.
                        Enterprise with independent research and development for a long time, new and unique brand image, has been in the industry occupies a important place.
                        In 2009, Water Focus is the first concentrate category succeeded in introducing plant germ concentrate series cosmetic line, chinese cosmetics category new boom.
                        In 2011, Water Focus concentrate with no added, high purity, pure water soluble, safety without the burden of product quality for the vast number of consumers, quickly to consolidate a new category of chinese cosmetic cosmetic leadership.
                        2012, Water Focus brand become long-term strategic partnership with China Green Foundation. Force to carry out the "green China focus of absolute challenge - water concentrate" series of large-scale public welfare activities, open the "green fashion's night charity charity star festival "the country, film stars, including LiSheng、ZhangRui、WangQiang、LiXinyu and so on, to participate in the activities of water focus charity gala and caring donation and focus on brand image ambassador love water. In addition, Water Focus around the country to donate nearly 40 "green library". The big stars, including LinJunjie、HanGeng、SunNan、WuPeici、ShaBaoliang and so on, are also actively response to the water focus "green" activities.
                        In 2013, won the chinese class top ten brand cosmetics, in the same year water focus held a press conference of "Beijing 2013 Kingdom of heaven", film stars LiXinyu, Water Focus tour stars on behalf of LiuZun、YanXu、ShiMei and so on, attend the conference, stars together compose the movement of the charity. Water Focus open a new era cosmetics concentrate, revive concentrate.
                        Water Focus into micro marketing era in 2014, leading the cosmetics industry leading mode. Real oto mode which accords with the situation of China is coming.
                        Water focus - the guardians of the healthy skin.
                        "Confidence, young, harmonious beauty", to create more high-end, more high quality and value of products and services, promoting is a kind of idea, a way of life, communication is a kind of spirit, dedication is a kind of love. This is the Water Focus!